Using our expertise in collections systems, dialers and call center development, we created a specifically designed and integrated recovery platform that leverages the most recent technology.

Our proprietary system has the ability to manage account flows, communications, skip-tracing and general ledger in an easy to use web interface. This allows us to deliver real time data to each of our recovery specialists and provide a rich library of productivity and profitability reports. Our platform can group data from various sources to determine fraud or profitability scores. Using this detailed data and recovery statistics, accounts are then routed and managed to each specialist allowing us to maximize efficiency and return.

Portfolio Management

Our company is experienced in assisting creditors with managing delinquent and non-performing accounts. By working with our professional collection agency, creditors can focus efforts on performing client relationships and strengthening core business initiatives while we recover past-due funds.

Our Commitment

“To provide quality services through the personal practice of commitment, integrity, respect and excellence”